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Flame retardant film

Flame retardant film

  • Place of Origin: Jiangyin, China Brand Name: No Certification: ISO9001:2000;ISO14001:2004 Model Number: A27 Place of Origin: Jiangyin, China Brand Name: No Certification: ISO9001:2000;ISO14001:2004 Model Number: A27
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Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film for bonding the conductive fabric
Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film for bonding the conductive cloth
Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film for bonding the shielding material in the electronics industry.
Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film with reach the UL94V0 Flame-retardant level
Flame retardant hot melt adhesive film for bonding foam material in the electronics industry.
0.02-0.1mm thickness flame retardant hot melt adhesive film
160cm width flame retardant hot melt adhesive film
WT-Z1 environmental friendly flame retardant hot melt adhesive film
Hot melt adhesive film for laminating the flame retardant fabric
Hot melt adhesive film for laminating the waterproof fabric

Quick Detail:
Main Raw Material : Formula Product
Application: Bonding the conductive fabric/cloth, foam material and shielding material
Viscosity: Excellent Viscosity
Color: white and opaque
Packing: PP film, Carton, Pallets
Appearance: film
MOQ: 1000kg
Storage condition: store in cool and dry condition.


A27 Flame Retardant Hot Melt Adhesive Film

  • Chemicals and Corporate Identify
Product Name A27 flame retardant mixed hot melt adhesive film
Composition Hot melt adhesive: 85%
Flame retardant :15%
Corporate Name and Address Jiangyin Weitao Plastics New Material Co., Ltd.
  • Toxic component
  • Emergency Measures
It  hasn’t any emergency treatment requirement, according to the product character
  • Fire-fighting Measures
Fire extinction media Spray water、dry powder、foam、carbon dioxide
Protective equipment Firefighters should wear self-contained breathing apparatus when there is a risk of contact with combustion decomposition products.
Special Danger Combustion and high temperature decomposition produce smoke
  • Emergency Treatment
Personal Prevention No
Environmental Prevention No
Cleaning  Method Clean up and handle it according to the rules
  • Carry and Storage
Carry Handle with care
Safe Carrying Handle with care
Storage Store in cool and dry condition.
  • Contact Control and Personal Prevention
Contact Control No
Personal Protection Pls wear the protection glasses and gloves because the operating temperature of the hot  melt  adhesive is too high
Others Protection Measure Don’t need any others protection measure
  • The physical property
Boiling point No
Vapour tension No
Density 1.25±0.5(25℃)
Melting point 110±5℃
Evaporation rate No
Water Solubility Zero
Appearance White adhesive film
Flashing point No
  • Stability
The dangerous for decomposition product No
  • Common Sense of the Toxicity
According to the characteristics of the product, the product will be completely excreted after eating
Body influence No
  • Common Sense of  the Ecology
  • Treatment
Product According to the operating procedures, the waste should be incinerated in the incinerator
  • Transportation
It  isn’t  dangerous goods according to national and international transport rules,

The appearance is white and opaque. It can be used for cotton fabric, chemical fiber , polyester fabric, Polyamide, oxford fabric and PVC&PU leather materials’ bonding. It is also can used for plastics, rubber including Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer (EPDM) bonding (rubber have to do the pre-treatment). And it can also be used for fiber fabric, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic and other materials bonding.


The thickness range:0.02-1.0mm
The Max Width : 160cm
The Length :As your request

Product Features:
1. The performance of our hot melt adhesive film is more stable.
2. The purity of products is much higher and better bonding performance.
3. The products have passed various tests by SGS, Eco-Passport and other institutions to ensure that the product quality reaches the international level
4. Washable, Dry cleaning resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, environmental, flame-retardant

Competitive Advantage:
More than 50 core patents are authorized by our country, and the product technology is superior to the industry. Our company has been focusing on the industry for more than 10 years, the scientific research team spends a huge amount of money to study abroad every year, to ensure the leading technology in the industry.
We strictly implement IOS9001 international quality management system, diligently do a good job of each product, to ensure that the factory products qualified and stable.
Own factory, factory direct sales, mature production team, scientific management, long-term inventory adequate, stable output.
Sell well more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide, international logistics freight forwarder long-term cooperation, global fast delivery, goods full of a full container free freight.
Service guarantee, perfect customer system, regular return visit, for users to solve problems, professional foreign trade team, 1 hour quick response, thoroughly solve your trade problems.

Factory advantage 
1.The introduction of advanced production equipment, exquisite technology at home and abroad
2.The factory covers an area of more than 10,000 acres, and can customize all kinds of hot melt film, and the product quality, stability and reliability are good, can meet the needs of different customers.
3. We has more than 100 sets of film blowing, film pressing machinery. We can produce different specifications, color hot melt film
4.The annual production capacity of hot melt adhesive is 800 tons and the annual production capacity of hot melt film is 15 million square meters

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